How-tos / How to use GoogleDrive

Google Drive integration is only available for Professional/Enterprise License customers.

The Google Drive integration works like this, you can select files from your Google Drive to be downloaded locally to MoxieManager, Google Documents will be converted to PDFs if possible.

NOTE: Google is making a lot of changes to its API console, so this might be outdated, contact support if you have issues.

  1. Open google apps credentials page
  2. Click Create credentials
  3. Select OAuth client ID
  4. Select Web application as the "Application type"
  5. Add your domain and possible localhost to Authorized JavaScript origins
  6. Copy the client id from "Here is your client ID" and use that as your "googledrive.client_id" setting in config.php or Web.config.
Here is an example of the lines you need to change to enable Google drive


// Add to plugins list
$moxieManagerConfig['general.plugins'] = "Favorites,History,Uploaded,GoogleDrive";

// Configure client_id
$moxieManagerConfig['googledrive.client_id'] = "";
<!-- Make sure the plugin is added in the web.config -->
<plugin type="MoxieManager.Plugins.GoogleDrive.Plugin" />

<!-- Add to plugins list -->
<add key="general.plugins" value="Favorites,History,Uploaded,GoogleDrive" />

<!-- Set the client id -->
<add key="googledrive.client_id" value="" />

And you are done.