Security / BasicAuthenticator

If you use the installer, you can configure basic authentication, this is how it works if you wish to do it manually.

First, set the authenticator to the correct one in your config file.

$moxieManagerConfig['authenticator'] = 'BasicAuthenticator';
<!-- Make sure the BasicAuthenticator is on the plugins list in web.config first -->
<plugin type="MoxieManager.Plugins.SessionAuthenticator.Plugin" />

<!-- Then edit this key -->
<add key="authenticator" value="BasicAuthenticator" />

In config, you can add the following config option to add/remove users.

$moxieManagerConfig['basicauthenticator.users'] = array(
      "username" => "adminuser",
      "password" => "somerandompassword",
      "email" => "",
      "groups" => array("administrator"))
<add key="basicauthenticator.users">
<user name="adminuser" password="randompassword" email="your@email" groups="administrator" />