Configuration / Controls

File list controls

Control name Description
create Create folder/document menu button. Displays a list of folder and document templates.
upload Upload menu button. Lets you select files from local file system or external locations.
manage Manage menu button. Displays a list of manage options for the current selection.
refresh Refreshes the current file list.
viewmode Switches the current viewmode from thumbnails to a file list.
sort Changes the sorting of the current file list/thumbnail list
filter Lets you filter the current file list.
insert Insets the currently selected files.
close Closes the current dialog.
fileinfo Displays a dialog with the file paths.

Edit image controls

Control name Description
save Saves the current image to a user defined file name.
revert  Reverts all changes to the current image.
undo  Undoes the last action.
redo  Redoes the previous action.
zoomfit  Zooms the current image to fit the editor view.
zoom  Lets the user dynamically change the zoom level.
resize  Resizes the current image.
crop  Crops the current image.
fliprotate  Flips or rotates the current image.
brightness  Changes the brightness of the current image.
contrast Changes the contrast of the current image.
exposure  Changes the exposure of the current image.
gamma  Changes the gamma of the current image.
hue  Changes the hue of the current image.
saturate  Saturates the current image.
sepia  Changes the sepcia of the current image.
vibrance  Changes the vibrance of the current image.
triangleblur  Adds triangle blur to the current image.
colorize  Colorizes the current image.
grayscale  Changes the current image to grayscale.
invert  Inverts the current image.
sharpen  Sharpens the current image.
emboss Applies embross to the current image.