How-tos / How to use Dropbox

Dropbox is only available for Professional/Enterprise License customers.

The Dropbox integration works like this, you can select files using the Dropbox Chooser, those files will be downloaded locally to MoxieManager.

  1. Open dropbox create app page
  2. Click Create App
  3. Choose Dropbox API in the "Choose API" section.
  4. Choose Full Dropbox in the "Choose the type of access you need" section.
  5. Name your app.
  6. Select Enable additional users
  7. Add your domains to Chooser/Saver domains for example localhost
  8. Copy the "App key" and paste it into the dropbox.app_id settings on config.php or Web.config.
Here are some examples of the lines you need to change in the config
// Add to plugins list
$moxieManagerConfig['general.plugins'] = "Favorites,History,Uploaded,Dropbox";

// Config the app_id
$moxieManagerConfig['dropbox.app_id'] = "";
<!-- Make sure the plugin is added in the web.config -->
<plugin type="MoxieManager.Plugins.DropBox.Plugin" />

<!-- Add to plugins list -->
<add key="general.plugins" value="Favorites,History,Uploaded,DropBox" />

<!-- Config the app_id -->
<add key="dropbox.app_id" value="" />

And you are done, you should now be able to choose files from your Dropbox account.