How-tos / How to use Quota

Note that this plugins is only available for Enterprise and Professional license customers.

If you wish to enable the quota plugin, add it to your plugins config.

$moxieManagerConfig['general.plugins'] = 'Favorites,History,Uploaded,Quota';
<!-- Make sure the plugin is added in the web.config -->
<plugin type="MoxieManager.Plugins.Quota.Plugin" />

<add key="general.plugins" value="Favorites,History,Uploaded,Quota" />

You can configure the quota limit using this option in config.php.

$moxieManagerConfig['quota.max_size'] = "10m";
<add key="quota.max_size" value="10m" />

First time the file listing is made, an initial index is made of all subfolders, this can take some time if you have huge amounts of folders/files. After the initial listing, an update to the list is only made for the current folder you are in.

This is not suitable for thousands of files and folders setups.