How-tos / How to use autorename

The Autorename plugin is made to normalize filenames, remove spaces and convert non a-z0-9 characters to the closest possible char.

To use this plugin, add "AutoRename" to your plugins configuration.

$moxieManagerConfig['general.plugins'] = 'Favorites,History,Uploaded,AutoRename';
<add key="general.plugins" value="Favorites,History,Uploaded,AutoRename" />

Then enable the feature but configuring it enabled.

$moxieManagerConfig['autorename.enabled'] = true;
<add key="autorename.enabled" value="true" />

These are some of the options available.

autorename.enabled Boolean value, false by default, can be set in mc_access files. Character to replace space with, default is underscore _
autorename.lowercase Boolean value, force lowercase characters. Default is false.
autorename.pattern Custom RegEx pattern, default is [^0-9a-z-_]

Note that AutoRename plugins also follow upload.overwrite value, if upload.overwrite is true, renamed files will replace files in the same folder.