This authenticator is used to handle the custom sessions used in the Zend 2 PHP framework. It's very similar to the SessionAuthenticator. You can enable this authenticator by setting the "authenticator" config option.

$moxieManagerConfig['authenticator'] = 'ZendAuthenticator'; 
ZendAuthenticator.logged_in_key Name of the session key to check for. Defaults to "loggedin".
ZendAuthenticator.config_prefix Prefix of config options defaults to "moxiemanager".
ZendAuthenticator.user_key Name of the session key to use as a replacement for ${user} variables.
ZendAuthenticator.session_container Session container name if it's not set the default container will be used.
ZendAuthenticator.library_path Path to the zend framework directory. This will be automatically detected by default.