Configuration / autoformat.rules

This option enables you to auto resize or convert images when they get uploaded. For example you when you upload a image you can generate 3 fixed sizes of the images all resizing will be proportional.

The parameter is in the following format:{width}x{height}|{format}={filename},.. Both the resize part and format path is optional. So you can for example only change the image format with this pattern: gif=%f.gif or only resize it by this pattern: 320x240=%f_320x240.%e

Here is a more complex pattern: 320x240|gif=gifs/%f_%w_%h.gif,320x240=%f_%w_%h.%e It will generate a 320x240 large gif in the gifs directory it will auto create the directory. It will also make a 320x240 image in the same directory as the uploaded file.

Available formats are: gif,jpg,png

Filename parameters

%f Filename without extension for example "myimage".
%e Extension the extension part of the image for example "gif".
%w Output image width, the proportional value.
%h Output image height, the proportional valie.
%tw Target width/specified width by the resize option.
%th Target height/specified height by the resize option.
%ow Original width, before the image gets resized.
%oh Original height, before the image gets resize.
$moxieManagerConfig['autoformat.rules'] = '320x240|gif=%f_%w_%h.gif,320x240=%f_%w_%h.%e';
<add key="autoformat.rules" value="320x240|gif=%f_%w_%h.gif,320x240=%f_%w_%h.%e" />