Configuration / filesystem.rootpath

This is the most important thing to configure, the path where files will be listed/shown, it can be an absolute or relative path (relative from the moxiemanager installation folder).

Named paths

You can also set a name for the path, this name will show up in the list on the right side instead of the last foldername, useful when you have ID's as names etc. You simply construct your rootpath like so: myname=/path/to/files

// Single path
$moxieManagerConfig['filesystem.rootpath'] = "/var/www/htdocs/";

// Multiple named paths
$moxieManagerConfig['filesystem.rootpath'] = "Myfiles=../myfiles;YourFiles=../yourfiles";
<!-- Single path -->
<add key="filesystem.rootpath" value="C:/Inetpub/wwwroot/mysite" />

<!-- Multiple named paths -->
<add key="filesystem.rootpath" value="Myfiles=../myfiles;YourFiles=../yourfiles" />